This book is for you. You are a person who is interested in the subject of Motivation and you want to obtain better results in your life. Let me share with you the successful techniques that I have learned. You having a full and enriched life is important to me. In order to continue to help and advise you, I will be available to you through email, after you have read this book.

Understanding motivation has been my life long endeavor and there is a wealth of information already written that can help us. Many of the motivational books are filled with wonderful ideas that can inspire us to work hard and try to achieve the objects in our lives that we desire. Self-help books are important and we all benefit from reading them. My frustration has been that much that has been written, in spite of enlightening us, has contributed to confusion and misunderstanding of the subject of motivation.

Some of the misunderstanding comes from motivational writers and speakers who have focused on what they think the readers would like to hear, such as “Work hard and make money.” Actually, the reader or listener needs to hear or read about a clear logical process and structure that he or she can put into practice. This book will show such a logical process and structure that can help anyone realize their goals.


I have already learned that my philosophy and formula, however well intentioned, might ruffle the feathers of some of the establishment; it is not my intention. This book will not have all the answers but it is written to be a roadmap, a guide, or a blueprint; it is my attempt at giving you a logical equation so you can understand and strengthen various areas of your life in order for you to accomplish the objectives you seek. So let’s call my formula, the “Motivation Equation.” The purpose of this book will be to help you understand what you need to work on to get the results you would like in your life.

There will be no secrets revealed in this book because I strongly believe that there are no secrets. Frankly one of the reasons I am writing this book was inspired by a recent book claiming to reveal a secret. Success in our lives will not come from understanding secrets, but instead will come from using the facts and knowledge we already possess. This book is written to help you in many different ways. Hopefully, after completing this book, you will better understand yourself, how you think, how you use the things you already know, how you make your choices, and how you understand the activities you do to gain the outcomes you now have and what actions to take in order to have the outcomes you wish in the future. The formula will help you to understand and use motivation. Once you see how the parts of the formula come together, you will be able to work on the areas of your life that require improvement.

Maybe you don’t need to read motivational books anymore, maybe you have a clear idea on what you need to do, maybe you now need to concentrate on learning a specialized knowledge, or maybe you just need to get your butt off the chair and put what you already know into action. Whatever it is that you are lacking, this book might help you find it and help you fulfill what it is that you need.


The three main components of the book, “Motivation Equation” are:

  1. What I Think! (The Mental-Spiritual part of our being).
  2. What I Know! (The Practical part of our being).
  3. What I Do! (The Activity part of our being).
When you understand how motivation works and how the pieces fit together it will be easier to for you to reach the accomplishments you desire in your life. Do you want great results in your life? Yes, everyone does! Getting great results in your life is probably the reason you are reading this book.

A visual “stick figure” represents the “Motivation Equation.” That figure is on the cover of the book and will be referenced many times throughout the book and it is the essence of how you should visualize the components required for your achievements.

You will find the word “success” used sparingly in this book. The word success tends to represent monetary gain in most self-help books. This book is dedicated to helping you attain fulfillment in all areas of your life, mental, physical, family, spiritual, social, and of course, financial. Why settle for less than all-encompassing happiness, because the principles I will show you will work in all areas of our lives.

How do you make complex subjects like motivation, achieving desired ends, attitude, peace of mind, dealing with other people, and goal setting, easy? I wish I could give you a good simple answer so this formula is what I devised. I have used it in my life and now I share it with you. Throughout my life, I have struggled and dealt with my own methods for achieving the ends I have wanted. I have used this formula and it has helped organize my choices and activities. I hope you will find it useful also.

All of us live our lives as a journey. Many of us believe we can figure out all our challenges even if it takes our entire lifetime.


Reading motivational books may help overcome many challenges but as much as you would like, it might not be possible to find all the answers in one book. It is my sincere hope that this book will help orient you and begin you onto the path you need to take.

The image you see on the cover of the book is the “Motivation Equation.” Notice that it is smiling! This is a picture of an organizational concept that creates an equation. This equation can guide you in accomplishing positive outcomes in your life. The image represents your thoughts, your knowledge, and your choices. Then these portions are multiplied by the activities in which you are involved and the mode or method you use to get where you want to go. That is simple, right? It may seem simple at first glance, but as life is complex when working out problems, so this formula can be complex when put into practice. Using and working with the formula is certainly within your grasp. I believe that each of us has the tools within themselves to fulfill whatever objectives we set out to attain.

It will be necessary for you to put your efforts into these three components, “What I think, What I know, and What I do.” You may not find it difficult at all and the results might be very surprising.


The graph of the “Motivation Equation,” will give you a simple, visual, picture of how all the components work and fit together. Each of the chapters will cover key points of these components and will give you suggestions for additional reading and research. You have the power and control to decide how much more information you will need, if you need any at all. The last chapter will actually show you how to use the equation to understand where you need to be putting your efforts to achieve the results you desire in your life.

Add finally, the underlying theme that will reoccur throughout the book is “CHOICES.” You will find that all consequences in your life are based on choices you have made and will continue to make. Correct choices are not easy, most often choices require us to change our way of thinking, change our information or knowledge on a subject, or change the way we do things. For most of us, change is difficult. In fact, it is so difficult that many people go through life not being able to accomplish what they would really like, because of their resistance to change.

Dr. Ralph Morrell, a dear mentor, often reminded us of this challenge to change with a profound but true philosophical statement: “Being human affords us the opportunity to change, but many of us will not change until the pain of remaining the way we are is greater than the pain of changing.”

My hope is that this book and its ideas will give you a simple formula or organizational structure by which you are prosperous in your life.